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Vehicle Towing

When it comes to El Pasoans' in need, City Wide Towing in El Paso proudly offers comprehensive towing services in El Paso and surrounding. We can tow anything from a small car to a 1-ton truck anywhere within a 200 mile radius of El Paso. We will underprice anyone and offer discounts for repeat customers.

Response Time

We strive for quick response times for every car we tow in El Paso. Whether you're out of gas or just need a jump start, we react to each and every customer with a quick response. We know that the longer you have to wait, the more stressfull the situation can be, and we also know that being stranded on the roadway or freeway can be dangerous. The point to remember is that as soon as you realize that your car is inoperable, don't hesitate to call us, we'll be there ASAP.

"Always remember to turn on your hazard lights when you are stranded on the side of the road. This will alert on-coming motorists that your vehicle is inoperable!"

We specialize in getting the job done for removing bulk numbers of vehicles as we can. We have moved up to as much as 80 vehicles from one property.

We offer out of town towing and charge per mile according to the size of vehicle and weight. We still have one of the best rates in the towing industry. For complete towing services in El Paso, call City Wide Towing, . . we service Texas, New Mexico and surrounding counties.

Tire Change

A flat tire can happen to anyone, and though it's a minor problem, it can still hold you back and take time out of your day. City Wide Towing can be there in no time at all to change a flat tire for you, or help you to get a replacement. Usually, we will pick you up and take you to a tire center that will repair or replace your tire. We feel that this is the safest remedy for your protection and our drivers.

Jump Start

We will jump start your dead battery, or deliver a new battery. However, we recommend towing your vehicle to a mechanic to find the basis of the problem. Sometimes it may not be the battery that is the problem, and in such a case, it is recommended that a certified mechanic diagnose the vehicle for electrical problems.

Fuel Delivery

If you have run out of fuel, we will deliver fuel to your location. City Wide drivers are equipped with fuel containers and will get to your location quickly with the type of gasoline you need. Whether it's diesel or regular fuel, it's not a problem. Our tow driver will bring you plenty of gas to get your vehicle to a station where you can fill up. If your vehicle acts a little stubborn when its on empty, our driver will use starter fluid to help your car or truck get a little kick start. Our driver will get you back on the road in minutes.

If you have a flat tire, we will deliver air to your location.

Lock Out Service

We will go Citywide to do a auto lockout, prices vary according to distance traveled to unlock your vehicle.

"For Fast & Efficient Towing Services in El Paso, Call City Wide Towing!"