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How Do Car Repossessions Work?

In many states, auto lending companies can seize a vehicle without notifying the debtor that they are at risk of repossession. Even though a repo agent cannot disturb the peace in a way that makes the debtor feel that they are being physical or verbally mistreated, an agent does have the right to "repossess," or take back the car without going to court or, and in some states, without warning the debtor in advance. It's completely legal to take back a car that's behind on payments. No judgment is needed to repo a car.

Normally, a creditor has a legal right to seize a vehicle as soon as it is in "default" on the loan. What constitutes default will be stated in the contract, but failure to make a payment on time would certainly be an example. However, if the contract stated that late payments were allowed, or that payment dates could be changed, then the terms of the original contract may no longer apply.

Auto Repossessions - Repossession Of Your Vehicle

If you are the registered owner and have a valid title in your name or companies name, we will gladly go and repossess your vehicle. Call City Wide Towing of El Paso today!