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We offer long or short term auto storage in El Paso. We will provide you with a storage facility that you can trust, with convenient access and perimeter security for your peace-of-mind. Whatever your reason for storing your vehicle, whether you simply need a safe storage space or you're planning a long vacation, our car storage facility will provide the extra space you need.

Storing For Winter

We will store your car or truck for the winter and prepare it for proper storage. We will thoroughly clean your car inside and out before storing it and then cover it. The last thing you want to do is put a car cover on a dirty car.


We will inflate your tires to a higher air pressure before storing your car because tires can slowly lose pressure over time and with temperature changes. We will not exceed the tire's maximum air pressure, and we will be sure to fill all four tires to the correct air pressure from time to time if the car is being stored for an extended amount of time. We will not engage the parking brake as it can become "frozen" and difficult to disengage. Don't worry about your car rolling, we'll supply some wheel blocks to wedge against the tires.

For collectible cars, we will put your car on jack stands to take the weight off the tires and suspension at your request. By doing this, you can avoid having a flat that winds up resting on the rim. The floor of our storage site is completely flat and made of clean concrete.


We will inject your car with a fuel stabilizer. Why? Some fuels have a shelf life of only about three months. If you're storing a car for more than that time, a fuel stabilizer should help prevent corrosion in the fuel lines and engine. We will also change your car's oil and oil filter and check and top-up all other fluid levels, and that includes antifreeze. Once we've topped off the fluids and added fuel stabilizer, we will take your car out for one last ride to circulate the new fluids.


We will connect you vehicle's battery to a trickle charger. Our battery trickle chargers or have automatic shutoff feature so your battery won't get overcharged. We do this so when you return, you won't have to wonder whether your car will start.

Generally, we will provide you with the following:

  • Clean storage facility (rodent and dirt free)
  • Proper storage maintenance of your vehicle
  • Monitored security cameras
  • Completely enclosed perimeter with electronically controlled gates
  • 24-hour on-site manager
  • Well-lite perimeter

Easy Contracts

We also offer flexible lease terms. Our month-to-month storage leases allow you to store your car for a long-term or temporary basis as needed,. it's your choice!