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In 1999, I was working for a local towing company with a wife a two children. When she and I decided that we had always owned our own business and there was no reason why we shouldn't try and start a new one. I had been in the agricultural business for the past 20 years of my life growing up working with my father. We realized that if we applied the same hard work and determination even if we had never ran a El Paso business in the towing and transportation field, nothing could stop us from accomplishing our goal.

Our First Tow Truck

So we scraped up all of our savings and with no destination I set out in search of a tow truck, all I had was $10,000 and a few leads out-of-state. I finally found my first tow truck. Before we knew it we were working 24 hrs 7 days a week. My wife would dispatch while I would load and unload the vehicles, Thank God there was a large market and our marketing skills and determination propelled us into a world of success after only 6 months. We were able to buy our first property in El Paso Texas, next thing you know we had built the company up to a revenue of a quarter of a million. We were running 8 trucks and doing 50 plus calls a day. If you knew anything about us back in those days, then you know that we were working alot!


This went on for approximately 5 yrs. We won the Small Business award of Texas. We were nominated small business of the year and received a business of the year plaque from Silvestre Reyes. We were also asked to be guest speakers for startup companies in El Paso who were attempting to receive loans from local banks. We decided to sell our business in 20 to a large company for a generous amount of money called VIP Towing of Texas. We remained as business partners with VIP for approximately 5 About Us years. The company eventually moved back to it's original location and we remained with 50% of business at that time we opened City Wide Towing. We’ve been servicing the El Paso community and surrounding area for 15 years and have done over 75,000 tows.

We Want to Serve You!

We look forward to serving the El Paso community and surrounding areas with our expertise and reliable services. We strive to provide you with the best service and the best prices we can.

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